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J L Pawley vlogs her tour around Northland for charity Duffy Books

English subtitles available under YouTube CC settings.

Day 1, Monday 9 April 2018: stunning pastoral, forest, and coastal scenery; random musings; giant wings; and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as Jess travels from Auckland to Opononi, Hokianga Harbour, and visits Opononi Area School.

Day 2, Tuesday 10 April 2018: thunder, lightning and epic wind; singing; and more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as Jess travels from Opononi, Hokianga Harbour, to Kawakawa, Northland, and visits Rawene Primary School, Omanaia School, and Kawakawa Primary School.

Day 3, Wednesday 11 April 2018: fire alarms and hailstorms; happy accidents and epic vistas; and mountain climbing with inadequate gear as Jess travels from Kawakawa, Northland, to Whangaroa, Far North, and visits Whangaroa College, Kaeo Primary School, and Matauri Bay School.

Day 4, Thursday 12 April 2018: breathtaking beaches; dreadful driveways; late night siren anxiety; and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as Jess travels from Whangaroa to Mangonui in the Far North, visiting Te Kura o Hato Hohepa Te Kamura, Totara North School, and Oruaiti School.

Day 5, Friday 13 April 2018: amusing musings; awesome autograph sessions; beautiful bays; magnificent maraes; and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as Jess travels from Mangonui to Taipa in the Far North, and visits Mangonui School, Peria School, and Taipa Area School.

Any opinion or inaccurate information is entirely J L Pawley's, and is not a formal representation of Duffy Books in Homes or a verified educational resource

Wings designed and manufactured by The Crooked Feather in 2017

Music, effects etc. from iMovie vsn 10.1.8. All video visuals © JLPawley 2018; photographic stills courtesy of the various schools.

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