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"High-flying author wings her way to Howick College" - Botany & Ormiston and Howick &a

Following the great success of J L Pawley's visit to Howick College, a wonderful article was published about it in the Botany & Ormiston Times and the Howick & Pakuranga Times in East Auckland.

"Geraldine Jamieson, English teacher and supporter of the school’s creative writing group, said it was a school trip to the recent Auckland Writers Festival that spurred her to set up the visit.

'The students were so intrigued by Pawley’s presentation (and her wings of course) that we thought it was a great opportunity to invite her to school to inspire more students to continue to write and perhaps publish their work,' she says.

Jess shared tips with the aspiring writers on characterisation, plot and editing. She reminding them that the first draft is only the starting point, 'The draft is the clay – get that muck on the wheel and start sculpting,' she said."

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