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Generation Icarus #1: Air Born

My past.

My present.

My future.

Destroyed in an instant.

So, who am I?

Seventeen-year-old Tyler is smart, good-looking, and destined to be a fighter pilot. He's mapped out his life and knows exactly where he's headed.

That is, until his first solo sky-dive, when he undergoes a terrifying transformation. Caught on camera, Tyler becomes a viral hit. Everyone wants a piece of him, including the sinister Evolutionary Corporation and a religious cult known as the Angelists.

But the worldwide media coverage also alerts others like him. Driven by instinct, they come together and form the Flight. The first of an extraordinary new species, they have only one way to survive.


Air Born now available in paperback at all good NZ bookstores and online here (NZ) and here (Amazon/Worldwide) 

Ebooks available here

Generation Icarus #2: Take Flight

Notable Book Award Winner 2019





The Flight is recovering in a remote mountain hideaway. They think they're safe, but they couldn't be more wrong.

When Evolutionary Corp mercenaries in helicopters hunt them down, only Condor and Kestrel manage to escape. With nowhere else to turn and desperate for help to save their friends, the two flee across the country to the jubilant Angelists.

Meanwhile, a nightmare unfolds for the imprisoned teenage Icari. A shocking bond is revealed which changes everything.

Pushed to the limits of endurance, somehow they must survive the most dangerous place they can imagine.

Somehow, they must fly free.

Take Flight available now in NZ bookstores and online here (NZ) and here (international)



After an early version of the first book was self-published as First Flight, earning nearly a million reads on ebook streaming site Wattpad and an award from Readers Favorite, it was noticed by the Eunoia Publishing Group. The director and editors promptly offered J L Pawley a publishing contract under the Steam Press imprint.


After a year of significant redevelopment, Air Born was launched in Auckland in September 2017. It has already been translated into Russian, Chinese, and the whole Generation Icarus series is currently being adapted for television. Further information about the series' past and future is available on the official Generation Icarus website, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Generation Icarus can be found here.


J L Pawley and Steam Press are currently working on the finale of the trilogy, Generation Icarus 3: Sun Strike.​

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