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The Chronozoologists

Coming 2024

It was just like any other day at school – and then Ellie Hapstead found a lost baby unicorn behind her classroom!


Recruited by a time-travelling animal rescue agency, 12-year-old Ellie steps through a glowing portal into the year 2361. Here she learns the truth about mythological animals from all over the world: Bigfoot, unicorns, flying monkeys and more – they’re all real! But they aren’t supposed to be… and the STARR Agents must sneak into the past to rescue as many as creatures can, before they become more than just legendary. 


Now, with a sassy Chameleon Bird as her new best friend and partner, Ellie’s on her first mission as a Chronozoologist Cadet. As a nest of venomous fairies is threatening a village in Victorian England, Ellie and the team must race to find a missing child and retrieve the hive – before it’s too late…

Warning: These fairies bite!

Suitable for ages 8-12. Mild scifi and fantasy violence with some animal aggression.

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