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Arid Earth 1: The Knowledge Keeper has launched!

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Nearly a decade after I had the first spark of an idea for the story, The Knowledge Keeper has launched online! Now available in paperback and Kindle ebook exclusively on Amazon.

The Knowledge Keeper paperback book

For New Zealand and Australian customers, please click here.

For US customers, please click here.

For UK customers, please click here.

For all other Amazon store territories, please search "The Knowledge Keeper Arid Earth" and let me know if it doesn't pop up!

For the full back story of the series, see here.

In a climate-changed world, the Library is the lifeblood of civilisation. And it's about to have a heart attack...

If it hadn’t been for the man in white body paint appearing out of the darkness, my Bus would now be a broken steel carcass in a smoking hole.

Someone set a landmine in ambush for the Library vehicle, a mobile repository of information saved from before the War. A beacon of knowledge in the ashes of civilisation, and my sole responsibility. Someone tried to take it from me. To stop the flow of free information. To steal from the people scratching out a living on the dusty frontier, just one cloudship delivery away from desiccation.

Now, other Keepers are missing. And not just Keepers. People have been disappearing from camps and settlements scattered across the outback. Why didn’t we know about it? The Library is supposed to know everything. That’s its whole purpose, to save and share knowledge. Isn’t it?

I have to warn New Pearth. After all, this is what I was trained for. Though the Library could never have predicted a plot this savage, or this well-organised.

But first, with only a psychotic ex-slave and a digital ghost to help, I have to survive the trip…

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