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About Nineteenth House Publishing

Books by J L Pawley

The Story of our Stories

In 2013, J L Pawley released the first edition of the first book in Generation Icarus under the label Nineteenth House Publishing. Three more books quickly followed, until the series was noticed by Steam Press, a well-respected New Zealand sci-fi and fantasy imprint that had been recently acquired by Eunoia Publishing Group. Steam/Eunoia also picked up the Pacific Commonwealth duology by Chard Pawley. Generation Icarus was reworked, reedited and rereleased between 2017-2020 as Air Born, Take Flight, and Sun Strike, whilst Chard's Orion and Scylla were released in 2022.

Under Steam Press' representation, Air Born was translated into Russian and Chinese, and the series was optioned for adaptation to the screen.

In 2023, J L Pawley returned to her own label, and Nineteenth House Publishing is now back in full operation.

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