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Generation Icarus

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Air Born's sequelTake Flight

has launched in NZ!


It features a piece of writing from the fanfic competition winner

Jaimi Lutes of Colorado, USA

A true bibliophile, I have been an obsessive reader and story writer since early childhood. The only career I ever truly wanted was that of an author.


After graduating university, I was working with literary-challenged kids at a local high school. Searching for inspiration, I asked them what kind of book they would actually want to read - and then I sat down to write that book. That story evolved into the Generation Icarus series.

After experimenting in self-publishing, the books were noticed by the Eunoia Publishing Group. With their guidance, the whole series has been overhauled, and the first book was launched in NZ on 23 September 2017 as Air Born.


Congratulations to the winners of the Air Born competition:

Annabel Morison, NZ (Fan Art)

Sierra Ciardafone, US (Fan Fiction)

Their pieces were published in the NZ print edition of the book in September 2017!

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