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The Flight is BACK!

GENERATION ICARUS is back! After a few months off duty to get their sassy makeover, Air Born hit the digital shelves in November 2023, with Take Flight following February 2024. Sun Strike is scheduled for late 2024. After that ... watch this space!


Available in book Kindle and paperback on Amazon in the US, UK, Australia/New Zealand, and Canada.

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Meet my latest series!

The Knowledge Keeper book

If it hadn’t been for the man in white body paint appearing out of the darkness, my Bus would be a broken steel carcass in a smoking hole.

Now people have been disappearing across the frontier. Two other Keepers have gone missing. I have to warn New Pearth - after all, this is what I've been trained for. But the Library could never have predicted a plot this savage, or this well-organised.

But first I have to survive the trip...

GENERATION ICARUS was reacquired by Nineteenth House Publishing in March 2023, and are undergoing a makeover for the new editions. Enter your email below to ensure you don't miss the upcoming re-releases, and then click here for the series history!

Watch this space!

More exciting announcements coming soon!

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